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EVERYTHING you MUST DONE when planing a pregnant

By Brian Xu | 06 July 2020 | 0 Comments
We did everything, we followed ovulation date, ate only healthy foods, went to bed and got up early...everything...why cant I just get pregnant? When is going to be my turn? Is there something wrong with me? my friend Krystal and Josh came to my house half years ago, looked very desperate and anxious.

Did you really do EVERYTHING MUST DONE when planing a pregnant? sometimes you tried but just didn't do it right. In the right method, you are going to get twice the result with half the effort.

At the very beginning, youll need a cozy environment --- both physically and mentally, I know you desperately want to baby, but anxiety is not going to help. Certain environmental factors can play a significant role in pregnancy. Couples need to create a good environment before planning a pregnancy, such as try to keep away from mobile phones, printers, microwave ovens, and other appliances with radiation or electromagnetic waves in daily life and away from the noisy environment as well. Also, reduce the intensity of their own work, reduce the pressure.

Then, a proper diet is in order. Folic acid is VERY important for women. Expectant mothers should start taking 400 micrograms of folic acid a day in the first trimester of planning a pregnancy, as the daily intake is far from enough. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables will do. The other is soy isoflavone, AKA plant estrogen, its structure is similar to human body estrogen, can make the estrogen in your body maintains at a normal level, make endocrine function is stable thereby. Men also play a big role in planing a Pregnant, which they should take more vitamin E and honey. Vitamin E is a natural "tocopherol" that has many benefits for the human body, a steady supply of vitamin E can increase the secretion of estrogen. The recommended daily dose of vitamin E is 100 to 200 milligrams, an overdose of vitamin E can be potentially toxic, sometimes leading to nausea, vomiting, dizziness, gastrointestinal and gonadal dysfunction. Honey contains a large number of plant male germ cells --- pollen, its very easy to be absorbed, which is very beneficial to the formation of semen.

The following is to abandon your bad habit. Eat less salt. If long-term excessive intake of salt, it is easy to cause hypertension and will damage a series of organs such as the heart, brain, and kidney, which is very detrimental to eugenics. Don’t eat too much. Overeating is easy to cause indigestion, aggravating the burden of digestive organs, leading to the quality of sperm. Quit energy drinks and alcohol. Most energy drinks are high in caffeine and taurine, which can affect heart function and blood pressure, as well as decrease sperm count and vitality.

At last, is do some workout. Instead of stay at home and whining about infertility, just grab your husband and go out to work out a little bit. Moderate exercise is very good for your health and conception, helps reduce the risk of pregnancy diseases, and makes childbirth easier. Jogging intensity is moderate, easy to adhere to, but also can let a person harvest the joy of exercise, very suitable for pregnant parents. It can consume energy, burn excess fat, also exercise all parts of the body, enhance the vitality of the body and cardiopulmonary function, increase the muscle endurance of the legs, to improve the fertility of certain benefits. Swimming also is a sport that many mom-to-be like very much. By immersing the body in the water and feeling the flexibility and beauty of the water, people's body and mood will be in a relatively relaxed state. When swimming, all parts of the body can be exercised, which is a very good exercise for planning a pregnancy as well. Yoga is an ancient form of exercise that originated in India. The process of practicing yoga is very beautiful, which can help women practice from the inside out, so that the body and mind can achieve harmony and unity, but also make pregnant parents more calm, confident, optimistic, is an excellent pregnancy preparation movement.

All in all, preparing for pregnancy is a matter for both parents, and need to ready both physically and mentally. Get a comfortable environment, a proper diet plan, quit your bad habits, and do some exercise, then you can say youve done everything to get pregnant. It will be your turn.
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