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How to Know How Pregnancy Tests Work

By Monica | 18 June 2020 | 0 Comments

Trying to conceive is an exciting time for a person’s life. But you want to make sure if the result is correct. You will need to know how the pregnancy tests work.

  1. Identifying the differences among the pregnancy tests
How a urine examination works
A urine examination is designed to discover the presence of the hormone human chorionic  gonadotropin(hcG).
How a blood examination works
A blood examination is designed to discover the concrete levels of the hormone human chorionic gonadotropin(hCG)
Decide if the blood examination is a qualitative and quantitative hCG test.
This examination is useful because it determines the constant levels of the hormone human chorionic gonadotropin.The quantitative is useful because it can assist to check if an ectopic pregnancy is happening.However an ultrasound is necessary to check an ectopic pregnancy.

  1. Taking a family pregnancy test
Wait until the female has missed her period
It is recommended to wait for a week for the most constant results.
Buy a family pregnancy test
The hormone can indicate if a female is pregnant or not. You can buy the pregnancy test from MomMed website.
It is feasible to buy pregnancy test strips in bulk online if you are trying to conceive. Most tests are only constant around a week after the female has missed her period.

Read the instructions
Read the instructions carefully before taking the family pregnancy tests. Different manufacturers have different specifications for their tests. It is significant to follow the instructions precisely to escape inaccurate results. Wait for some minutes before the results.
Curb the expiration of the test
Throw away a family pregnancy test that is expired or which was purchased months ago.
Examine in the morning
Do the family pregnancy test in the morning when the hormone levels of hCG are highest.
Collect urine in a sterile container and immerse the strips into it.
Wait for results
Some tests will need 10 minutes. If you are anxious while you are waiting, take some deep breaths.
Check the different types of symbols
Many tests apply a queue or color system for your hormone levels.
Some tests will give you positive or negative sign
Some tests will give you the words PREGANT or  NOT PREGNANT.

  1. Reading the results

Consult your surgeon
Make an appointment with your surgeon because false positives can occur if you take a pregnancy test after taking a fertility medication and if women are in their menopause or have problems with their ovaries.
Recheck if you use a negative result
Because you may have mistakenly used an expired test.

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