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By Brian Xu | 13 August 2020 | 0 Comments
Ann Victoria, a 31-year-old fitness influencer and founder of the FitBody app, decided to try Vitro fertilization(IVF) after two years of trying to conceive. Even she grew up in a big family, and her mother never had issues of conceiving.
Here are the things she wants women to learn about the process.

My husband, Luca, and I tried to conceive for almost a year, then my OB-GYN suggested that I went to a fertility specialist.
They did blood and my hormone levels checking ultrasound. Everything was normal, even I can’t get pregnant. Luca and I began to do fertility treatments with a medicated intrauterine insemination(IUI).
That didn’t work. Then we did our second IUI accurate away. That didn’t work either. Then we did an HSG(hysterosalpingogram), which is the checking of your fallopian tubes to look if there are any blockages and also check if the inner of the uterus looks normal. The doctors said everything looked fine.

We decided to take a break during the next few months. The full process is indeed stressful both mentally and emotionally. And my hormone medication during that time certainly wasn’t making it any easier. My husband convinced me to take a break.

Then we decide to begin IVF. The process is very painful. The first step of IVF is the hormone injections to encourage the body to have multiple eggs. The second step is egg retrieval, outpatient surgery for a doctor to retrieve the adult eggs. After 10 to 15 eggs are retrieved, the procedure becomes very painful. I had 25 eggs removed. Each woman’s experience will be different depending on the number of eggs she retrieved. Each woman’s timeline will emerge differently too.

Before I started IVF, my reproductive endocrinologist was trying to find out what caused my infertility. One thing they suggested was to soothe up at exercising and rise my calories a bit to gain some weight. I wanted my followers to know that it is OK to gain weight.
Within 24 hours of my sharing online. I got thousands of messages from women who had gone through the same thing. It was indeed therapeutic and amazing to learn that I wasn’t alone. I joined some TTCtrying to conceiveand IVF Facebook groups. It was a great help to read stories and connect with women who were going through comparable struggles. 

This made my relationship with my husband stronger too. But there are times that we fight about it. I spoke things out of hormonal rage. It wasn’t always easy. But we overcame any fights that happened. We were good at communicating and making our intentions clear. Each injection and the tears were worthy to bring us to where we are today, pregnant with our first child. I am grateful because of the life lessons and patience we learned.

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